Cerner, Financial Incentives for State Employee Wellness Programs, On-Site Clinics and Pharmacy Services

During the 83rd Texas State Legislature, Longbow Partners was successful in passing House Bill 2020 on behalf of the Cerner Corporation.  The legislation authored by State Representative Myra Crownover (R- Denton) and sponsored by Senator Bob Deuell (R-Greenville) provides state agencies the option to provide incentives such as financial compensation or other award incentives for employee participation in sponsored wellness programs.   Additionally, the bill allows on-site clinics and pharmacy services to be available at each agencies discretion.  In recent years the success of wellness policies and programs in both the private and public sector have become more prevalent.. By allowing the state agencies to offer programs and resources to reduce health risk factors, Texas will curb increasing costs related to chronic conditions and disease management.

With widespread adoption and use of these financial tools, the state should realize not only a healthier more productive workforce but also take a significant step towards bending and reversing the ever increasing cost curve of healthcare for the Employee Retirement System of Texas.